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Thanks for tagging me, :icongwend-noriko-b:!

I) The rules :

  - Write the rules or copy and paste them ;
  - Write 13 things about yourself ;
  - Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you and make your own 13 questions ;
  - Tag 13 deviants;
  - Make sure they know that they are tagged ;
  - Don't say "You're tagged if you read this" ;
  - It's forbidden to not tag anyone ;
  - Tag backs are allowed.

I'm tagging...

:iconiridescentmirage:, :iconsanslightsansbright:, :icontoloveakiwi:, :iconstealthnerd:, :iconivorythefox:, :iconburntfur:, :iconflying-robots:, :icontywyllation:, :iconphantomfurxd:, :iconcelestialtabris:, :icondelta406:, :iconprincesscurrent:, :iconpikapegasus:, :iconpanther-star: yes I know that's 14 people; deal with it :U

II ) 13 things about me :

1. I'm 21, but I feel like an 80 year old half the time because I have a crummy back. :oldman:  I'm also kind of a wet blanket. |D

2. I found a documentary about cats on Netflix last night and cried. I didn't even watch it. I just cried because there was a documentary about cats on Netflix. Derpy cat icon

3. One of my favorite Saturday activities is spending it all in bed.Jumpin' On the Bed AmazingPhil 7 Endou-Bed Roll (Inazuma Eleven) Stitch Getting Comfy
what can I say? It's a wonderful place to be

4. I'm a digital hoarder. Once, I started skyping with my best friend and about 2 minutes into our conversation, I started transferring all the photos on my phone to my google drive. My friend and I talked for over 6 hours straight, and when we finally hung up, my photos still had another 3 hours to go before they were finished uploading.

I also have an insane amount of links saved on Facebook, posts on Tumblr, bookmarks to look at later, and an extensive watch later list on YouTube.I'm drowning in things I want to look at "later!" XD

5. I never thought I would become one, but here I am: a meme-loving F***. When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) Marlon Webb #JoggingManChallenge Chat/Comment Icon Lenny face extreme ultimate the dab 

6. I call myself a writer, an artist, a musician, and an actor, but I tend to get bored easily, and I switch so often between my hobbies that I never really get good at any one thing. By the time I come back to my guitar again, it's out of tune and my callouses are gone. By the time I come back to my book, I have to re-write it all again because the stuff I have sucks. Whenever I pick up my tablet and try some good ol' digital art, I cry a little. :') Jack of all trades. Master of none.

7. I'm a senior in College. But I'm not planning on graduating for a while yet. I still don't have a major. Anyone who has been following me and reading my journals the past few years will probably have at least a vague idea of what that's all about. Let's just say that as of now, I have acknowledged that I've painted myself into a corner, but all I can do for the time being is wait for the paint to dry.

8. Speaking of school, I go to Brigham Young Universty in Provo, Utah (which is part of the reason it's become so hard to graduate). For those that don't already know, yes, I am indeed one of those "Mormons." I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and while this past year or two (or three, really) has really tested my faith in the Gospel I've grown up with and relied on my whole life, I'm still a firm believer in it. I'm beginning to see God's hand in my life again, which is never a bad thing. :)

9. I can't do the worm with my body, but I can do it with my finger, all thanks to that one episode of Jimmy Neutron, where his dad was trying to catch an Eagle, I think??? Everybody either gets really fascinated and tries to do it, too, or they get grossed out. It's my go-to for introductions in group settings.

10. I want to be a voice actor. That's a fairly recent realization, but when I did realize it, I realized I've had that wish in the back of my mind for years. I mean, come on! How absolutely rad would it be to voice a cartoon character or something!?!?!? Now that I have a microphone, I've started experimenting some, but it's a little awkward at the moment, since I'm just starting out and my "studio" is a scissor arm stand clipped to the foot of my bed frame. In a shared room of a six person apartment. It makes it a little tough to find time to record stuff some times. But I'm going to be moving at the end of the semester to hopefully a better place. All that aside, though, I do take requests for singing things at the very least. hint hint Microphone attack! -Markiplier Free2use 

11. I really like using emoticons when I can get the chance, in case you couldn't tell. I am a dummy! PBG Emote - Oh MOM BOUGHT CHICKEN TENDIES PBG Emote - GHOST RIDE THE WHIP Triggered Yurio (GIF) Game Grumps Emote - Heart Hands We are number one but DAB Curie is Curious. Nostalgia Critic Emote - Dancing 

12. I not-so-secretly dream of going to a con someday, but I would definitely want someone to go with. It's unknown territory for me, and honestly nothing scares me more than the unknown. If I were to cosplay??? It would prolly either be Sans, since I already have the jacket, Gaster, since I have the perfect coat for him, or else Wirt or one of the Gravity Falls twins. Or else someone from Steven Universe??? I dunno. Maybe someday I will go. And if I do, maybe I'll even have art to sell! Who knows! lol not me

13. I love, love, love Robin Hood. I have a "novelized translation," for lack of a better word, of the ballad that covers all the major stories, and it's been one of the most enjoyable books I've read in a couple years (and one of the only books I've had time to read in the past couple of years...) I'm currently writing a book involving Robin Hood, so that's kind of how I got so into it all. I've done...a lot of research...and I still feel like I've barely even scratched the surface! Robin Hood Emoticon Robin and Marian-Aniv Present bullz eye Robin Hood - Maid Marian and Robin Icon 1 Robin Hood - Maid Marian and Robin Icon 2 Robin Hood - Maid Marian and Robin Icon 3 Robin Hood and Maid Marian But Why a Spoon? 

III ) QUESTIONS by :icongwend-noriko-b:

1/ What, is your name ?( and do you know its origin ? Why did your parents call you like this ? )

    Lady Natalie, of Ohio. (Lol, I know "Natalie" means Nativity or something of that nature, but my parents gave it to me just because they decided I didn't look like a "Megan." XD)

2/ What, is your quest ?

    I seek the Holy Grail (and money for rent as of late) French Guy 

3/ What, is your favorite colour ?

This is the part where I get thrown violently off the bridge because I don't really have one anymore. It changes too often because I'm an artist and I just love colors. |D But I have a lot of greens and browns in my wardrobe, if that makes a difference.

4/ Have you got some pets ?

I have a cat at home. He's almost 9 years old and weighs twice that much. XD I love face 

5/ If you could have one super power, which one would it be?

For a long time it was six arms and wings, but I think I've settled on Telekinesis, because if I had that, I could make myself fly and be able to do a bunch of things at once. Plus a bunch of other cool stuff!

6/ Same question if you could be an animal :) (Smile)

I would love to be something that could fly, but if we're being honest, here, I would probably be a cat. I sleep a lot, but not at night, and often in weird positions, I'm very fond of food and get very moody when I'm hungry, I hate getting wet, and while I like dogs okay, they sometimes make me a little nervous with their...ahem...excitability... I could go on and on, but let's just say I'm practically a shoe-in for the feline lifestyle! ;D Cat Bread Face 

7/ Do you like more summer or winter ?

It really depends. I tend to base my approval of the seasons on the memories I have associated with them. So if the past winter was particularly bad (which it was), I'm more likely to say I like Summer more. But honestly, all the seasons have such awesome atmospheres about them I love them all for different reasons. X)

8/ If you play video games, what is your favorite game and why ?

Oh man! I love video games! My favorite video game is definitely Undertale, although interestingly, it's not my favorite one to actually play. Story-wise, it's my favorite; for game play, I adore the Portal games. :Portal: 

9/ Do you prefer
rather sweet or salty?

Depends on the time of day to be honest. Salty tastes best at night and Sweet tastes best in the afternoon to me (wow, am I weird or what!? XD).

10/ What is your favorite meal ?

I'm a big fan of barbecue ribs, but as a poor, perpetually somewhat hungry college student living pretty much entirely on her part time job, I will eat almost anything and be happy.

11/ Your favorite type of music ?

Alternative, Rock, and lately soundtracks
I (Alphabets)M Alphabets (Words)A (Alphabets)G (Alphabets)I (Alphabets)N Alphabets (Words)E (Alphabets) D (Alphabets)R (Alphabets)A (Alphabets)G (Alphabets)O Alphabets (Words)N Alphabets (Words)S (Alphabets)

12/ Do you believe in life after death ?


13/ Do you like Pokemon ? If yes, which one is your favorite ? ( which game/movie/season and/or pokemon creature ^^' )

    I made almost an entire Pokedex once. I love Pokemon! Mewtwo is and always will be my favorite. Mewtwo Look 

IV ) Some Questions for YOU!

1. What is your favorite TV show in the entire world? Current? Childhood?

2. How many siblings do you have? Are the oldest? Youngest? Middle?

3. Video games? Yes or no? What game is objectively the best? (I'm definitely not asking because I'm looking for
more games to play, no! What gave you such a silly idea!?)

4. Do you prefer music with words or without words? Or perhaps no music at all? Why?

5. Are you a morning lark, or a night-owl? Or are you like me, and you're just an insomniac? X)

6. Where do you see yourself in five years? Have you had the chance to even think that far ahead (because I haven't...whoops)?

7. If you could meet any superhero, who would it be? Would you want to be their love interest? Their friend? Their sidekick? Their enemy?

8. What is your favorite movie to take on roadtrips? Or do you not take movies on roadtrips? Or do you not go on roadtrips? XD

9. What is your favorite planet in our solar system (or, well, I guess it doesn't have to be our solar system)? Least favorite? Why?

10. What's something good that's happened to you in the last few days (hopefully you don't have to think too hard for this! D:)?

11. If money wasn't an issue what would you do with all your time?

12. When you see a dog, your first reaction is to...

13. Deviantart, Tumblr, or Twitter? Or something else? What do you prefer most? Why?


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Buy me a Cocoa


Hello! Call me Moongaze, Mooney, Carrot, Carrot-cat, or Natalie! I'll answer to all of 'em! Welcome to my page!

If you're interested in a commission, here're the deets! Once you've read over these, if you're still interested, send me a note on here, or email me at with the subject, "commission."

-Paper and pencil/ink/colored pencil
-Digital (mostly line work and flat coloring right now; will try painting if you ask nicely; and would like to try some pixel stuff).
-Writing. I could draw the thing...OR I could write a short scene or something about the thing, if that's what interests you.
-Singing REQUESTS. FREE CHARGE. I will try just about anything besides Rap, Metal, Screamo, or Foreign Languages. Sorry, peeps; I only sing English. Ask me what song you would like me to sing, include a link to the song and its lyrics, and I'll let you know if I feel comfortable doing it. My range is pretty broad, so odds are, I'll be able to.
*ADDITIONALLY, if you have an original song you'd like me to try don't be afraid to ask. I'd be happy to work with you! ^^

-I will not do NSFW. Sorry. If it's suggestive enough to make me uncomfortable, I will let you know and we'll work something out. Thank you.
-I will take on FIVE (5) commissions AT A TIME; if that works for a while, I will expand my limit and see if I can still handle the work load. Thanks for you're patience.

-I will take payment in the form of US dollars via Paypal. I would prefer actual money because I have to put bread on the table and pay for Electricity and Rent and stuff. Thank you for understanding that I am a poor college student who lives entirely off of a part-time minimum wage job.

COSTS: (paper drawings first, digital second) (Also, P.S. this is the pricing for 1 character; extra charges for additional characters will be negotiated)
-Head: $5; $6
-Bust: $7; $8
-Fully Body: $10; $12

Flat Color
-Head: $7 (colored pencil), $10 (pen); $12
-Bust: $10 (colored pencil), $12 (pen); $15
-Fully Body: $12 (colored pencil), $15 (pen); $18

Basic Shading
-Head: $10 (colored pencil), $12 (pen); $15
-Bust: $12 (colored pencil), $15 (pen); $18
-Full Body: $15 (colored Pencil), $18 (pen); $21

Pixel Art (right now I will only try little icons; I've not really done these before)
-Template (no color, just lines): $7
-Colored: $10
-Animated: Add $2 or $5 respectively for each new frame to the original cost of Template or colored

Short Comics (maximum 10 frames)
-To be negotiated

Also, to give you an idea of the stuff I tend to gravitate towards without having to go looking, I do:
Probably anything Disney/Dreamworks Animated
Steven Universe
Gravity Falls
I think that's about it for now. Thanks!
~Moongaze <3


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